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I smiled like I was some sort of comedian hawking his stand-up act. === My investigator was Dennis “Cisco” Wojciechowski and the stand-in was my law partner, Jennifer Aronson. === Legal Siegel used to say? ‘Look like a winner and you’ll become a winner’? You don’t look like a winner, Mickey. You can tailor your suits but you still look pale and sick. You need to get out of here and get yourself in shape for trial.” “He actually said, ‘Act like a winner and you’ll be a winner .’” === And it wasn’t just an NG. It was the rarest of all birds in the justice system. It was the Big I. My work in trial had proved him innocent. So much so that the state paid damages for their malfeasance in charging him in the first place. === The new buses were sectioned off by steel fencing into seating compartments of eight inmates each. This way, if a fight broke out, it was contained to a maximum of eight combatants.