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“Is that what they teach you at USC Law?” I said. “How not to jinx a case?” “No, that’s third year.” === “Besides, it would be your word against two agents’. Do the math on that.” “Is that why you guys always travel in pairs?” === It would be the word of two agents against a video. You would lose.” === CNN reports on the ongoing impeachment saga as well as the mystery virus in China. The Centers for Disease Control had announced that it was deploying medical staff to LAX to meet flights from Wuhan and check passengers for fever and other symptoms of illness. Those who were determined to be sick would be quarantined. === They’re the government. The beast. And the game is always rigged in the beast’s favor.” === “Legal precedent holds that once the death penalty has been taken off the table, this is no longer a capital case, notwithstanding that I face a sentence of life without parole.