White Light, Black Rain
White Light, Black Rain The Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki DVD - 2007

For me to say that this documentary called "White Light, Black Rain" was an extremely sobering experience would truly be an understatement like no other.

To think that America (as a united nation), egged on by their hypocritical president, Harry Truman, so righteously believed that dropping the atomic bomb on both Hiroshima and Nagasaki back in 1945 was the only way to end the war has convinced me that that society of deluded people was, at the time, collectively, an even bigger and worse monster than was Adolf Hitler.

In "White Light, Black Rain" Japanese survivors of these twin atomic bomb blasts tell of their horrific experiences on those 2 fateful days in 1945. As well, American pilots and crew-members nervously smile while they whole-heartedly talk about doing their duty as obedient citizens, who knowingly took their part in instantly wiping out the lives of half a million people.

When the viewer is shown the hideous footage revealing the horrific results of what intense radiation exposure had on the unsuspecting Japanese people, they will surely be left aghast at what America so guiltlessly did to these people.

All-in-all - "White Light, Black Rain" is a real eye-opener for anyone who wants to face the horrendous reality of how the Americans ended WW2, while smugly patting themselves on the back and boasting about this ultimate feat of destructive power.

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