"Who the hell are you?"
"Joe Pike."
"How'd you get in?"
"Your door wasn't locked."
The old man pooched his lips.
"Want some coffee?"
"I killed Riley Cox."
Kinnaman squinted.
"What is this?"
Terrence Semple. Pitchess Lloyd. Charlie Reyes."
The cowboys.
"You get out of here. I don't know what you're talking about.
"Nathan Hicks. the man you sent to find DeeAnn Ryan."
Kinnaman wet his lips.
"You'd best leave."
"Got more names. Want to hear them?"
"I want my money is what I want. That bitch stole my money. I want it."
Pike raised his gun and shot Kinnaman in the chest. A little high, a little to the left, a bit down from the collarbone. Heart shot.
Pie walked over, and looked at the body.
"You can't have it." pg. 338

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