Born on April 23, 1936 - Roy Orbison (nicknamed "The Big O") was an American singer-songwriter and musician who grew up in Vernon, Texas.

Orbison was well-known for his powerful and distinctive singing voice, which had a 4-octave range. He was also credited for writing some very complex compositions and dark, emotional ballads.

Orbison can easily be counted as one of Rock and Roll's pioneers. And he is often cited, by numerous critics, as being one of the genre's most influential musicians (yet his distinctive style is most noteworthy for how it departed from the norm).

This "Best Of" CD contains 14 songs in all which were recorded by Roy (with accompaniment) primarily between the years of 1960-1965. Three of my favourite tunes in this collection are Pretty Woman, Blue Bayou, and Dream Baby.

*Note* - At the very peak of his renewed popularity - Roy Orbison (52 at the time) died on Dec. 6, 1988 from a heart attack.

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