Crushed A Pretty Little Liars Novel By Shepard, Sara Book - 2013

The mystery that seems to be dragging on forever and ever...Who is "A"? And it seems like the newest sequel of the Pretty Little Liars series, "Crushed" still doesn't have a clue. The national bestselling series by the compelling author Sara Shepard had yet again left a chilling cliff-hanger in let's see...The thirteenth time! One of America's finest and longest saga of all time, the story of the pretty little liars are right next in line to "The Clique", or perhaps even the legendary "Harry Potter". But unlike these masterpieces that had eventually ended regardless of the fans' unwillingness, Pretty Little Liars just doesn't seem to have a stopping point! One thing I have to hand it to the author is that no matter how predictable the storyline gets, the thrilling adventure was always worth the time, the big secret is always a overwhelming shocker. As what "A" Likes to say, "Don't get too comfortable. It's not over until I say it is."
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl called Alison who had plucked four girls and turned them from nobodies to important popular somebodies whom everyone wanted to be. She was the best thing that ever happened to them, or so they thought... Fast forwarding to the present, Alison went missing and when her dead body was found, the girls were continuously threatened with anonymous emails and taunting discoveries from "A" who seems to know every single one of their nasty secrets. The killer was found and supposedly died in a fire, but our story is far from over. In the beginning of their senior year in high school, "A" was back and this time determined to put the girls behind bars no matter what. In "Crushed", the liars have finally decided to fight back, and this time they're going to be playing the role of the stalker...Easier said than done, too bad they forgot who they're dealing with here. Nothing is as it seems, with already so much dirt to bury them alive, "A" won't hesitate to pull the trigger. Spencer, Hannah, Emily, and Aria may be standing up for themselves, but "A" is closer than they think and always one step ahead of them. Haven't they ever heard, " Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"?
Three years ago, I became addicted for this installation and today I still am. "Pretty Little Liars" is a perfect combination of "Sherlock Holmes" meet "Criminal Mind" meet "Gossip Girl". Suspense blended with designer labels and high school dramas, all of that is especially heightened in "Crushed", there was just so many character and plot developments. I was praying for the pretty little liars to finally have a normal life, to be free from the grasp of "A", I feel like "A" is planning to stalk them until...What, they became grandma liars?! Doesn't he/she have anything better? And doesn't the girls already have suffered enough ? Although I love "Pretty Little Liars", I do hope it ends soon, all the characters, including the ones whom I love to hate, deserves better. Every book's title of this series with the exception of the first book is a single descriptive word summarizing the events that are about to go to down, like "Unbelievable", "Heartless", "Twisted", and for this book is "Crushed". Suggesting that whatever the liars do, "A" will always be ready to crush them completely. How this will end I have absolutely no idea, but that is the magic of PLL... Oh how I can't wait for the next book!

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