Lucky Me

Lucky Me

My Life With-- and Without-- My Mom, Shirley MacLaine

Book - 2013
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Apr 27, 2019

Sachi Parker is a gifted writer and I read the book in record time. I could not put it down. Her observations regarding her unique and sad upbringing were fascinating. Sadly, some individuals who experience damage by childhood abuse, continue to figuratively return to the "well" (family of origin) for sustenance. They are hoping for a satisfactory outcome which will never happen. Abusive adults who hurt children do not have the capacity to change their behavior (for them there is no Pay Off to do so). At the end of the book Sachi Parker hints that she has an idea that she has value by simply being who she is. Sachi, you are a delightful addition to this crazy world that we are all trying to make sense of.

Jan 10, 2014

Quite a sad story. Sachi Parker had a very priveledged upbringing. She travelled the world, went to private schools, and yet, she did nothing with her opportunities. She seemed to expect her parents to give it all to her. And her story about Paul and Steve. I mean, really!

Oct 21, 2013

I just finished the book and I had a hard time putting it down. Don't understand the one star comment. . .? Very well written and honest unlike Shirley MacLaine's books which are a little out there. You truly feel for Sachi and her sad up-bringing and a mother who does everything to sabotage her daughter's acting career so she will not be up-staged. As one of the comments said "I will never look at Shirley MacLaine the same way" I feel the same.

ChristchurchLib Jul 16, 2013

"The daughter of the Academy Award-winning Hollywood star traces her youth spent moving between her mother's Los Angeles movie sets and her father's home in Japan, her years in boarding schools and the sequence of abusive relationships she endured while trying to understand her parents' unconventional marriage." July 2013 Biography and Memoir newsletter

leapyrtwins Jul 07, 2013

Shallow girl; stupid parents. Very disappointing.

145e Apr 10, 2013

Fascinating and very well written. I will never look at Shirley MacLaine in the same way again.

JMFlaherty Mar 13, 2013

Couldn't put the book down. Stephanie Sachi Parker grew up having a creepy, perverted "alien" father with a skewed brain, and a famous, talented ,sociopathic mother with an equally skewed brain. Each of her parents permanently planted on different continents. In her marvelous book she relates how she managed to get through her highly unusual "upbringing." Lots of poignantly painful parts and some really hilarious ones. (The hilarious parts do not involve her parents.)
I saw Sachi on the "House Hunters" show and thought she was a joyous, loveable sprite. Her upbeat personna has gotten her thru life.

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