Standing in Another Man's Grave

Standing in Another Man's Grave

Book - 2012
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Apr 26, 2019

I've read this, enjoyed it, loaned it to a friend who enjoyed it, and now have listened to the audio version. Very satisfying even 2nd time round.

Oct 27, 2016

18TH BOOK IN THE Inspector John Rebus SERIES

rb3221 May 14, 2016

Rebus, now retired and working on cold cases investigates five missing women and teams up with his old colleague and friend DI Siobhan Clarke. And as always Rebus is not a team player, drinks and smokes too much and uses mainly his intuition to solve the case.
All in all a satisfying read with an interesting, surprising but rather abrupt ending. Unfortunately there is little explanation as to why the killer did what he did. I will, however, continue to read Rankin and his flawed Rebus hero.

Jan 21, 2015

Ina Rankin's protagonist crime solver, John Rebus, behaves in typical fashion of being self-centered, a loner, not a team player, ignores policy, procedures, and department rules, rebellion against leadership, excessive smoking and drinking, etc., all in pursuit of a serial killer. The Rebus character's mantra is perseverance in pursuit of a principle, no matter the cost, is understandable, justifiable. and acceptable. While there are elements of intellect, and expert crime solving techniques and abilities shown by Rebus for most of this story, Rankin lets the story and reader persevere into boredom. Through Rebus's egocentric, obsession filled, delusional, unbelievable , and unrealistic assumptions and pursuit of the antagonist, he brings resolution and much welcomed closure to this tale.

A patron review from the Adult Summer Reading Game: "Detective Rebus has retired, but is now back as a civilian investigating a series of missing women along a stretch of Scottish highway. A page-turning mystery with some beautiful descriptions of Scottish landscape."

Jan 24, 2014

This was the first Rebus story that i have read. It was an excellent piece of suspenseful writing. Rankin is a master storyteller.

AuntJane Dec 29, 2013

I love the Rebus series, but you definitely can't start at the end - you have to get to know him first to appreciate him. I was happy to have a catchup with Rebus and Siobhan.

PrinceBishop Nov 07, 2013

A great read for chilly November evenings. I'm amazed that Rebus is still standing, even if it is in another man's grave. Siobhan still turns my crank. Malcolm Fox is a total jerk.

Poor old Rebus is starting to look a bit forlorn. He has no power in the police force as he is retired and he drinks and smokes too much for the modern sensibility. I know he is supposed to be a maverick but I think Rankin needs to bring character into the 21st century, put him on a team, maybe like R.E.D. and give him some clout. The plot was terrific as always but was this really just a wake for Rebus?

Sep 02, 2013

Hard drinking, heavy smoking, rock and roll loving John Rebus is back, as irascible as ever. He’s not drinking quite as much but he’s meeting with series nemesis Big Ger once a week for a drink. Now Rebus is a civilian looking into cold cases when he takes a call from a woman whose daughter went missing several years ago. She reveals a pattern to Rebus who immediately starts an investigation that disrupts police routines and peoples’ lives as much as it solves the mystery.

Rebus runs roughshod over police procedures and even performs illegal activities to solve the mysteries (there’s always more than just one mystery). He reads inept superiors at first glance and turns them into his foils. Rebus’ style is anarchic and it’s always enjoyable when stuffy superiors are proven wrong and Rebus eventually is proven right. The fun is in getting there.

Aug 19, 2013

Thanks Rankin for bringing Rebus back for another run. Not my fave but still love the big lug. Most enjoyed the added description of a drive I love & can't get enough of - wild, desolate, breath-taking beautiful!!

Aug 06, 2013

could have been edited some: too many different agencies involved in this Scottish case- 'extra' characters didn't assist in the plot...the actual crimes received little attention. I have enjoyed other Rebus stories far more.

Jun 28, 2013

Its great to have Rebus back.

isaiahantwine May 17, 2013


violet_cheetah_741 May 10, 2013

Ive read a 600 page book before even a close to 1000 page book and this book bored me right up till the middle maybe it was because this was my first time reading about "rebus" but this was not my favorite at all

Mar 27, 2013

Ian Rankin consistently provides his readers with first class entertainment!

Mar 08, 2013

Traditional Rebus story with him getting information from sources nobody else thinks of - he's even understanding new technology can help. The tie in to Malcolm Fox seems to be there just to promote the Fox series of books.The ending of the story is a bit of a let down too as it's the only part that to me was unbelieveable.

Feb 21, 2013

Really enjoyed this. So glad Mr. Rankin has brought Rebus back, he is so much more interesting than Malcolm Fox. A thoroughtly satisfying read.

Feb 21, 2013

Good yarn. Rebus smarter than anyone else, highly effective, but now operating half inside, half outside the the police force. Also an interesting view of Amlcolm Fox from Rebus's perspective, and a view of Siobhan Clarke's position in the post-Rebus force.

Feb 02, 2013

Great read and couldn't put it down.One of Ian Rankin's best ever.

Jan 29, 2013

One of the best, if not the best, of the Rebus series. Do yourself a favor and read this one ASAP.

debwalker Jan 25, 2013

Rebus back and in great form - smoking, drinking and solving the case with old-school detection - hard slog, hanging out in pubs, and relentess drive. A new chilling character emerges - an 18 year old Cafferty-type with brains and a thirst for vengeance.

Jan 19, 2013

Inspector Rebus is back!! Excellent crime story.

Jan 08, 2013

A great read and a gripping story. Rebus is in fine form and his journeying would make a great tourist travel itinerary. As teenagers we all blithely hitch-hiked along these very roads, home being the Black Isle. It was way more isolated in those days. Chilling to realize we could have ended up amongst the "mispers." Hope we see more of the enigmatic Fox from Complaints, a great foil for Rebus.

Dec 15, 2012

I enjoyed reading about Rebus's reaction to the changing ways of detective work since he retired from the force. After being rehired due to changes concerning retirement age, Rebus discovers that his colleagues rely more on technology and less on leather work. However, with Rebus following his gut feeling, he zeroes in on the killer of several female teens after a mother of one of them sees a pattern in the location of the killings over a period of years. This novel is about sexual abuse of teens in Northern Scotland. I also enjoyed the rapport between Rebus and his female partner, DS Siobhan Clark. Not much filler in this novel even though there a fair amount of travelling on the A8.

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